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We're sure you've already spent far too many hours browsing your options, but MSI's hoping that it can grab a moment of your time to demonstrate the merits of the GX740. This 17-inch beast measures a full 1.5-inches thick and weighs just over seven pounds, but all that heft nabs you a great deal of potency.

Well, this one's come a bit out of left field, but it looks like Chrome OS could be set to get a pretty big new addition: a remote desktop feature dubbed "Chromoting" (at least for now). That word comes courtesy of an apparently authentic message from Google software engineer Gary Kačmarčík posted on a Chrome OS

Take that keyboard-only shot of the Droid 2 we saw last week, and the blurry face shot we saw yesterday. Put’em together. What do you get? Proper, mostly blur-free spyshots of the next Droid, keyboard and all.
In addition to unearthing these shots, the folks over at Droid-Life also managed to pull together some specs.

While in the midst of fixing a unicorn-sized hole in the security of its desktop software, Adobe has been talking about its future in the mobile space. According to its rose-tinted forecasts, Flash Player will be featured in a quarter billion handsets by the end of 2012, including 53 percent of all smarphones shipped that year.

We like ZodTTD. He’s a dude who just gets stuff done. Back in the early days of iPhone jailbreaking, he found his niche in building emulators for the platform; within months, he’d ported over pocket friendly versions of the SNES, Genesis, N64, Playstation, while somehow finding time to build things like an iPhone version of the VLC media player.

Well, that’s that. We all liked the look of Notion Ink’s Adam, with its hot-pants interface (controls in the back) and Pixel Qi screen, but if it’s not going to hit until November then there’s little chance of its survival. It’s hard out there for a tablet, and with dozens of new tablets making their debut at Computex, it may be too hard for the Adam to differentiate itself five long months from now.

GPS 800G watch phone is here and it’s ready to rumble! This phone has GPRS tracking, an SOS button, and can record how fast you’re moving, allowing alerts to be sent to scared and frightened parents. But don’t take my word on it:

According to the latest issue of GamePro, Killzone 3 will be fully in 3D, at least if you have the hertz for it. Props to them for taking the bull by the horns; let’s hope it’s less of a sham than that last Killzone media frenzy. I’ve heard it said that games are the only worthwhile application for 3D — that’s a statement that I don’t agree with, but perhaps Killzone 3 may be a good example of just how good 3D can be.

Google’s Google TV announcement might be making a lot of buzz in the news today, but it isn’t the only interesting TV announcement to make it across the wire. Roundtable Concepts has announced their new series of Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV’ HDTV’s.

The Viliv P3 made its first appearance at CES 2010. The company even had a demo unit for everyone to play with but it was just that, a demo. We couldn’t see the Windows CE/Android dual booting or if the unit could actually play back 1080p content like Viliv states. Maybe now that the PMP is featured on Viliv’s site,