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Google’s Google TV announcement might be making a lot of buzz in the news today, but it isn’t the only interesting TV announcement to make it across the wire. Roundtable Concepts has announced their new series of Officially Licensed Capcom Street Fighter IV’ HDTV’s.

This launch comes after the success of their Officially Licensed Marvel Comic HDTVs and their Officially Licensed Collegiate HDTVs. There is no word on pricing yet, but our guess is that the series will include a 22″, 32″, 42″, and 55″ LCD HDTV, along with a 40″ and 46″ LED HDTV, just like with their previous series. Now before you go knocking the idea of defaming a perfectly fine LED TV frame with video game art, you have to cut them some slack. After all, we can see the potential here to put a TV like this in a kid’s room, but if you ever meet an adult with one of these in their living room [Chipchick]


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