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Keyboards decorated with Anime Girl

Posted by Dark Legion 9/23/2009 ,

We all have our preferences with our keyboards. Some people see no need to get frivolous and just go for the plain type, others like bright pink and then of course there are the gamers that like the large complex keyboards. Well now there’s even a keyboard out there for those of you that are hardcore anime fans. In some parts of the world, anime fans are slightly more obsessed than in other areas, but likely there are still several eager anime fans even in the US and the UK.

They all feature the bright eyed anime females, not the guys. These USB keyboards are likely more targeted at the male anime audience. Especially since there is one featuring a bikini clad anime female on the keyboard. These artsy USB keyboards are on sale through E-Junex’s E2 retailer, but will only be available for a limited time. Within that time period you’re going to end up paying about $100 a piece for these keyboards.


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