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Imagine you are in the middle of the desert and your cell phone has no charge! Wow! You are doomed. Well you can actually avoid that if you plan to visit Sanyo before you go on your adventure in a desert. It is the new Eneloop Portable Solar Panels from Sanyo that lets you charge portable devices through a USB connection. They are also compact.

The new book-size business-slick Portable Solar comes in sets of two panels with a handy hook to hang in a window. But you will also have to carry along the Eneloop Mobile Booster which has the Lithium Ion Battery that is needed to store the solar energy. Just one hour of charge is enough to give your cell phone a charge to make you talk for 20 or 40 minutes. That is more than enough when you have an emergency. Of course you wouldn’t spend so much time on emergency calls! There is also a mesh bag at the back of the panel which holds your Booster as well your device that needs to be charged. The Portable Solar panels are on sale from August 10th onwards in Japan but Sanyo has not specified any price for it yet


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