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Finally, although it was no surprise, but still happy to know that finally the all new slimmer Sony PS3 is not a rumor anymore. It will be out in the first week of September and will set you aside by $300. It is smaller, lighter and has a 120GB HDD and has all the same features of the former PS3 but it consumes 34% less power and takes up 32% less space. So it is green too! Of course now the old PS3 will see prices falling through the pit and if you are planning to buy one you should be doing it soon. But my advice will be wait a few weeks more and you will be proud owner of a 120GB slim and sexy PS3. The other features include a BRAVIA Sync and System Standby to shut off existing PS3 systems. There is also a vertical stand which will cost you an extra $24. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!


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