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3 UK to sell iPhones in 2010?

Posted by Dark Legion 10/23/2009

With Orange and Vodafone due to start selling the iPhone, it's only fair that other networks want a piece of the action, including 3 UK, whose CEO Kevin Russell confirmed they're hoping to sell the iPhone in 2010.

 Russell spoke at the Westminster Future of Mobile eForum today, and confirmed "we would take the iPhone, and hope to have it in 2010", acknowledging that their uptake of similar handsets has been slow. "The reason we haven't stocked many smartphones is we were [prioritising building our customer base], which is 180 degrees different to the other networks."

 Going on, Russell claimed that they "want smartphones on top of millions of customers" and to expect to "see us moving more into smartphones during 2010." 3 has already stocked smartphones such as the BlackBerry Bold before, but would obviously like to see more exclusive deals like the HTC Hero one they've struck with Spotify, which will give customers two years of Spotify Premium access with every Hero sold.


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