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New MacBooks and iMacs could be incoming today

It's a good day for Apple, with announced sales for the fourth quarter hitting $9.87 billion. But it could get even better later on, with the company rumoured to be announcing new gear in a matter of hours.

Those newly-announced results are claimed to be Apple's 'most profitable quarter ever', with bumper sales of iPhones and Macs increasing profits by 46% to $1.67 billion, a revenue jump of 25%. Recession? What recession? For the record, 7.4 million iPhones and 3.5 million Macs were shifted over the last three months, 17% up on this time last year. The only hint of bad news was for the iPod, which showed an 8% drop on last year. Just as well those camera-laden iPods are ready for the Christmas season.

'We are thrilled to have sold more Macs and iPhones than in any previous quarter," says Apple boss Steve Jobs. "We've got a very strong lineup for the holiday season and some really great new products in the pipeline for 2010.'

In the longer term, this is likely to include the much talked-about Apple tablet, but some pundits (including John Gruber) are claiming new Apple gear will actually land today. That could include new iMacs (possibly with Blu-ray, but don't hold your breath), improved plastic MacBooks, souped-up Mac Minis and a couple of accessories - a multitouch Magic Mouse and a multitouch desktop trackpad accessory.

True or not? Only time will tell - and that time should be this evening if anything is likely to land.


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