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Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 games may be coming to the PlayStation 3/PSP via the PlayStation Network according to an internal document that was leaked via Sega’s official web-site.

The document suggests that Sega and Sony may be discussing a deal that would allow classic Dreamcast games, as well as PS2 games, to be offered for digital download via the PlayStation Store.

This would make a lot of since not only for Sega, who has many beloved classics, but also for many PS2 owners who were disheartened when Sony chose to pull the plug on PS3 to PS2 backwards compatibility. And if PS2 and DC games were posted on the PS Store, that may also leave them open for download for PSP owners.

Although PlayStation 2 classics coming to the PSN isn’t too surprising (as it makes perfect logical sense, particularly given the high sales of PS2 games still in 2009), it is very surprising to see Dreamcast games being considered for digital download. Although surprising, it’s a very, very smart move by Sony and would only benefit both parties.


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