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Now here’s something that really looks like a whale in the sky but will surely travel at a hundred times more the speed. Technically, it’s called the WB-1010 and will demonstrate what we would see 85 years from now. Wow, that sounds a lot more possible than the movies that tell us tales of 2045.
It has the capacity to accommodate 1500 passengers and can transport them at speeds of up to a whopping 1000 kmph! The material of choice for the building of the Spruce Whale will be similar to GLARE (Glass-Reinforced Fiber Metal Laminate Film). The windows will be made of Smart Glass and the flight will be able to make use of wind energy while in flight. Here's one concept that will change the world.

Surely this one would be a spectacle in the sky. Now whales can wish that they could fly. PS: The Spruce Whale reminds me a lot of the Flintstones airlines.


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