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Jeep is the world’s most famous off-road vehicle brand. Recently, Jeep has launched its first three-anti cross W900 phone, officially declared to enter the mobile phone market. The Jeep W900 inherits the perfect Jeep brand style, tough appearance.

The Jeep W900 phone has green, orange and black three colors, silver combined with titanium and back. Back of the phone sculpture a “Dakar Rally” logo. Jeep W900 also use the screw outside the embedded design.

The Jeep W900 phone features a military waterproofing technology that can achieve the 200-meter water-proof. It support dual card dual standby to be, and long standby time. UI function interface is also very Hyun, including camera, Bluetooth, e-books, mp3, mp4, mobile QQ, Bluetooth, e-books and other learning and entertainment.


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