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From the twittering baby in the womb to the twitter talking fish seems the twitter community is all geared up for world domination. Here’s another solution for the twitter addicts among you, instead of staring at your screen all day its best if your fish read it out to you as and when they come. Dan Ros spent all his free time rigging a novelty fish item into a tail flapping lip moving twitter reader. The rig picks out tweets sent to the @mbedmicro message board and sends it to the mbed server, which then converts the text into speech on the fly and ropes in a movement file along with it to the device.

The mbed fish features an ARM Cortex M3 core, ethernet, USB, serial and other connections, and drag-and-drop loading of binary instruction files. It will set you back by $60 if you grab it now as the actual price is $100.


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