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Motorola has, after many a year traipsing round the proverbial boardroom dreaming up ways to shoot itself in the foot, had a bit of a comeback recently with the Android-powered Dext.

That said, the company’s never too far away from a strategic step in the direction of ‘peculiar’. Perhaps it’s off the back of the Dext, then, that Moto’s been brave enough to follow its wayward heart and stick a billion bells and whistles on the already flashy Aura during recession-tastic times.

The original Aura cost a princely £1400, and offered very little in the way of modern features. The camera was average, the web browser archaic and the interface harked back to the days of Moto’s baffling yore. That said, the opening mechanism – with its 700 parts – was very swish, and the luxury feel could be felt in the weight and seen on the pin-sharp screen.

This new Diamond edition rams no less that 34 diamonds into the mix and envelops the handset in 18 carat gold. It’ll be out in November, and is currently without a price tag. Our guess - given that original was £1400 - would be astronomically high.


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