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Samsung i780 Review

Posted by Dark Legion 10/07/2009 ,

Samsung i780 is one of the few recent models running on the Professional edition of the Windows Mobile 6 Operating System. Samsung i780, it has a touch-sensitive display, but yet utilizes the slim candybar form-factor with a full hardware QWERTY-arranged keyboard. If we paraphrase the Samsung model line as a ‘family’, the i780 is the bigger European cousin of the BlackJacks.
As specifications, the SGH-i780 has everything, one would desire from such a phone (except global roaming), yet all this is packed in a slim and pretty body, way smaller than the top models of other companies.

Samsung is innovative with the navigation method: there is no D-pad, joystick, or even trackball. There is a ‘touchpad’ as in a portable computer, through which you must sweep a finger to control an on-screen pointer and press it to confirm. If this method is not your favorite, it can be turned into a ‘virtual’ 4-way controller and in addition, the 2.55â€� 320×320 pixels touch screen and the stylus are present, of course.

The Windows Mobile system may not be perfect in Samsung i780, but is an excellent solution for a business oriented phone. It has neat messaging and email clients, a very good phonebook system and an excellent organizer. Since it is a smartphone, the OS can be personalized additionally with third party applications, so its functionality isn’t limited.


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