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The past meets the present in the iTeufel - Teufel's mix of vintage looks and modern-day audio know-how.

It's the iPod dock that wouldn't look out of place on your old sideboard or coffee table, but this dark wood system is actually designed very much for the bedside, offering AM and FM radio, an alarm clock to get you kicking and screaming out of bed in a morning and of course, an iPod dock for accessing your (i)Tunes. There's even an 'all-command remote control' thrown in, should the stretch from bed to table be a bit much for you. Teufel specialise in speakers too, so we can presume the sound is pretty tasty as well.

Downside? Well, a lack of DAB or indeed internet radio will push it to the back of the audio queue for many. But with a price of £138, the iTeufel is one of the more affordable wood-clad audio systems on the market, not to mention one of the more distinctive iPod docks you'll see around.


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