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The infant search engine Wolfram Alpha has made its first foray into Apple's App Store with an iPhone Application. That's the good news. The bad news is that it'll cost you £30 for the privilege.

 Wolfram Alpha, the brainchild of Dr Stephen Wolfram, was launched to mixed acclaim earlier this year, claiming to produce more intelligent search results than the likes of Google and promising to "make the world's knowledge computable and accessible."

The iPhone app, which tugs hard at the purse strings at £29.99 works from the same cloud as its free web counterpart, with the company claiming it as a direct replacement for any calculator or reference book, with answers to more complex questions. Google meets Wikipedia then, eh? Nice.

 The promo page reads: "Drawing on 20+ years of development, 50,000+ built-in algorithms, and 10+ trillion pieces of continually updated and curated data, the Wolfram Alpha app is the ultimate replacement for any kind of calculator or reference book—and much more."

 "The breakthrough technology of Wolfram Alpha for the first time lets you get expert-level answers to your specific freeform questions — complete with stunning, dynamically generated visualisations and tables, and richer and deeper information than you imagined possible."

Frankly though, we can't see too many takes for the app at that price. Wolfram has some bones to make first.


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