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As hundreds of fans flock to Leicester Square tonight for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, many gamers are already playing the game and posting on Twitter about it. A select few have managed to get early copies of the game through special pre-order services or via undisclosed game shops.

The hashtag #MW2 has become a huge trending topic on Twitter as players post their views on the game. This started as early as last night when Guardian columnist and Gameswipe presenter, Charlie Brooker, got his hands on an early copy.

In a Twitter review Brooker said: “In summary: it's very good, but it's not the flippin' messiah or anything. And it has the intellectual depth of Die Hard 4.”

He added: “Finished MW2 last night after all. S'alright. More I think about that airport bit the more I think Infinity Ward have lost their minds...”

The scene he is referring to has been the focus of the controversy, with MP Keith Vaz stating he was “absolutely shocked” by the violence portrayed in the game. However the game does warn players of a weaker constitution that the upcoming scenes are of a violent nature and even gives them the option to skip the scene altogether.

The topic has also been climbing up the Twitter rankings as the game’s creative strategist Robert Bowling, under the tag @fourzerotwo, invited his followers to post #MW2 followed by their gamertag and console of choice in order to set up a series of online games.


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