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I love my X-Box. What X-Box owner doesn’t right? I’ve never ever had an issue with its design. Its curved look is cool but of course if you’re an audiophile whose home is loaded with AV equipment, the X-Box tends to stand out, and as good as it looks, a little like a sore thumb. With sleek, metallic, edged components like an amplifier and a DVD player the Xbox is a little too casual, like a guy in denims at a Black Tie affair.
So to make it a little more presentable, some of the guys at Industri Repro, a Swedish company that makes custom mods, they decided to take the X-Box to a higher standard or sorts with a little make over.

Enter the new, improved, elite-like XBEE or Xbox Elegant Edition. The console’s innards have been transplanted into a custom aluminium chassis with a sleeker look that’s the width of a regular DVD player. This way your Xbox looks new and fits in perfectly with all other high end AV components you might have. Industri Repro has even installed three 120mm fans in the new casing which should stabilize the console with more effective cooling than the original and hopefully prevent it from RROD-ing (Red Ring of Death) due to overheating. It even has an additional Infra Red receiver for use with a remote control other than the controllers. They haven’t decided if they intend to produce the chassis for sale but you never know.


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