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Well, it looks like iPod touch users pondering the somewhat pricey (and still unfulfilled) proposition offered by TomTom's Car Kit now finally have another option to consider, as Dual Electronics has announced a navigation cradle of its own that's aimed solely at Apple's GPS-less handheld.

While it's not quite as sleek as TomTom's unit, Dual's new XGPS300 rig does boast a few decided advantages, including a cradle that also doubles as a rechargeable battery for some added juice when you're out and about and, most importantly, a free NavAtlas navigation app, which will apparently only work with Dual's cradle (sorry, no mix-and-matching here).

You'll also get a built-in speaker, a mini USB port for charging and, of course, an adjustable windshield mount for in-car use. Still no firm word on a release date just yet, but it looks like this one should be available sometime this month for $179.99.


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