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The now immensely famous 21 year old Australian hacker, Ashley Towns, has been offered a job with a Sydney-based software firm called Mogeneration. Just in Case you're unfamiliar with his work, Towns is the creator of the very first iPhone worm called Ikee. The worm itself posed no real harm to iPhone users but was merely a way to prove that even Apple's almighty iPhone was susceptible in some way.

All the Ikee worm actually did was change the user's wallpaper to an image of Rick Astley who any retro fan would recognize as quite a famous 1980's pop star. His seemingly simple hack affected quite a lot of iPhone users as it spread easily. He pointed out that one of the side effects to having a jailbroken iPhones was a security risk from third party developers. if you think about it, Mogeneration's decision to hire Towns makes a whole lot of sense, better the devil you know right?


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