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 Today i find a nice site from an article, that can actually send you SMS notification for each incoming email.

Site is with this website, you can configure your mobile number to get email notifications on your cell phone – and yes, this service works with all cellular operators in Pakistan (self tested). 

Here is the mechanism: You will be given a WAP based email client that just works like your Gmail, MSN, Yahoo or any other email service. You can use this email address to get emails – which will be also sent as SMS message over your cell phone. Yes, all cellular networks in Pakistan are supported (self tested).

As mentioned above, as soon as you will receive emails in, an SMS alert will be sent over you phone.

Now, if you don’t want to give up your Gmail, MSN, Yahoo or your corporate email id, then do this – forward your emails to your, and that’s it. You will be notified about emails that arrive in your Gmail, MSN or Yahoo.

But before that, sign up at along with your cell number to start going. Also note that you can use your as your primary mobile email service, it offers attachments and many other cool features.

Note: It wont display your email, instead it will notify you that an email has been sent from, and a link to your email – that can be accessed using GPRS. This way, you can check email on phone – or in case its not urgent, check your inbox when you are online from PC.

Also Note: Give your cell number in this format: 00923335444XXX

Tip: Using Gmail filters you can also get email alerts of only specific emails which you think are important to you.

Another Tip: If you do not have email provider with email forwarding facility then use POP3/IMAP services to gather your emails in your Gmail account and forward Gmail emails to your account.

There is option in to integrate your Gmail or other email accounts but they were not giving me SMS notifications but by forwarding emails to account works for SMS notifications.

Enjoy and Happy Monday!

[via Propakistani]


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