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TRAUMA Gameplay Preview from Krystian Majewski on Vimeo.

You may remember Photosynth, the impressive yet somehow unsatisfying photo collage tool from Microsoft. Though I always thrilled to the technical aspects, I’ve never taken a shine to it. Maybe it’s the photographer in me that prefers one well-composed photo to a hundred interlinked snapshots. One game developer, though, saw potential that I never even considered. Krystian Majewski has put together Trauma,
what looks to be a very interesting point-and-click adventure game using Photosynth’s ability to essentially create “levels” out of pictures.

The abstract, psychological-exploration atmosphere reminds me somehow of the mesmerizing Mirror Stage, and the dreamy narration reminds me of Max Richter’s The Blue Notebooks. At any rate, it looks like a compelling little adventure.

Note, I say Photosynth but the game apparently runs in Flash, which suggests it’s some Photosynth-ish derivative. We’ll see. The game will be released when it’s released, apparently; bookmark accordingly.


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