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According to a report by Entertainment Weekly (EW), Michael Jackson had some big plans for his popular Thriller video. He wanted to remake it into a full-length 3-D movie. The original Thriller was not a traditional music video when released–it was marketed as a short film that was 14 minutes long.

3-D box office ambitions were nothing new to Jackson. He had starred in the 3-D science fiction short film Captain EO which was shown at Walt Disney theme parks in the 80’s and 90’s. So, it would have not have been a big leap for the pop star to offer a similar movie based on Thriller considering the popularity of the track and the album of the same name. The Thriller album is still the best-selling record of all time, according to Wikipedia.

Jackson’s desire to make movies was expressed by Kenny Ortega, director of This Is It, in an EW interview for a recent cover story. We will probably never know if a full length Thriller movie would have been a success. What we do know is that the song Thriller ,and its accompanying 14-minute video, will be played around Halloween for many years to come.


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