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Orange only started selling the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS at 7am this morning, but already they've proclaimed the launch as being a smashing success.

 As of 4pm, Orange had sold more than 30,000 iPhones in the UK alone, according to the network.
That's most impressive for just nine hours of work, especially when you consider Motorola's news today that they'd sold 100,000 Droids in three days across the US.

 Orange is confident they've broken the "previously published first day sales records for a handset in the UK," going on to gloat that their Orange Wednesdays app has "gone to the top slot in the Entertainment Category, and hit second place in the free apps chart on the Apple App Store."

 Although concerns were previously raised about Orange's 750MB monthly data limit, it doesn't sound like too many customers were deterred from buying the iPhone on Orange's big launch day.

Vodafone however has hit back at Orange's boasts of excellent 3G coverage, stating to their customers that they have the fastest download speeds on the iPhone according to their tests.


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