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We've seen it out and about, but at last we got a chance to actually play with Sony Ericsson's tribute to impractical style: the Pureness. As it turns out, using the device is just about as pointless as it seems. You can always just barely make out what's happening on the semi-translucent monochrome screen, and we found ourselves constantly shifting our angle and backdrop to improve readability.

The capabilities of the phone should come as no surprise to anyone who's used a Sony Ericsson Java-happy dumbphone in the past, and the handset also has that wild variety of face buttons that are typical on a SE handset. Up top, with the d-pad flush on the face, things start to get crowded, but overall the phone is pretty usable tactile-wise.

The meaty numeric pad should be a boon to a T9 afficianado, and we even managed to play a game of Pacman on the handset. Overall the materials used are nice and XPERIA-ey, but the most overt luxury item here is the block of glass that serves as the screen. In the US the phone will be sold unlocked at the Saks online store -- obviously courting the fashion-conscious consumer it's built for -- but there's still no word on a US pricetag. Check out some video after the break.

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