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The Vaio X, aside from being thin and light, is notoriously difficult to mod -- simply put, there's not much room in there to play around! Besides, when you've spent well over a grand for a machine, you're not necessarily going to be gung-ho about digging in with your soldering gun.

Still, when InsanelyMac forum member Asama was struck by inspiration (in the form of a Vaio P OS X image) he followed his heart -- and, much to the world's amusement, it installed on the Vaio X with few complications. Sure, it wasn't a flawless operation: the WiFi card is unsupported (as you probably guessed) but, that said, this is definitely an item of note for all the Hackintosh freaks in attendance. Indeed we're looking forward to seeing Psystar get sued over a similar hack at some future junction. Get a closer look after the break.


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