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For the DSLR user, a CF memory card has to be one of their best friends. Not only is storage an important factor to consider before purchase, but speed is also an extremely vital component. A company called A-DATA that specializes in data storage devices has just released what could be the one of the fastest, if not the fastest, compact flash cards available today.

The 633X CF card is designed to offer the user read speeds of up to 93 MB/s and write speeds of up to 92 MB/s which is very impressive. But it doesn't stop giving just there. the 633X also offers users a little more in the battery usage department as this card is also designed to use less power that most others thereby allowing shutterbugs to avail of a little more battery life from their cameras. Available in a 16GB and 32GB capacity the 633X cards are UDMA 6 enabled and the company offers them with a life time warranty. Seems like a pretty good deal except that the pricing hasn't been officially announced just yet.


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