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Sharing data with people across the globe whether it’s pictures, which is of course the most common format that’s shared, or music and movies, is the ‘IN’ way to stay connected to friends and family alike.

To make things more convenient, French company Lacie has developed a new mode for data sharing with their Internet Space 2 network drive (1TB). It’s a simple system that’s easy to set up as it comes with an installation Wizard and essentially centralizes all your digital data and allows you to filter access to whomever you choose. It will even allow you to access your data from anywhere at any time by logging on to the webpage.

The Lacie Internet Space 2 is designed with what seems to be a very user-friendly user interface that should make access to data fairly simple for any user. If you want to show your friends your latest photos, you can access them by sending an email invitation. They will not have to install any software to access this information as it’s all more or less on line. Music and videos etc. can also be streamed from the device in a home network to video game consoles or even other Wi-Fi enabled devices like TVs etc. It also comes with a method of recovering data that could get lost or damaged. In addition, the software DesktopMirror is provided to automatically back up and synchronize your data on your computer. The company also includes a 2 year warranty with the device. The 1TB version is available for € 199.00 which works out to $300.


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