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An Audi A8, by itself, can be construed as a show stopper, something that would make you stop what you’re doing and take notice. While the latest version the A8 that’s due out sometime next year is still an eye catcher, it’s the technology incorporated inside that has me excited. The A8’s original Multi Media Interface (MMI)set up which was originally a full function PMP slash GPS navigation system etc. has undergone an upgrade for the 2011 A8 edition.
The new system has incorporated handwriting recognition into its touchscreen UI. Users will be able to write out their destination on the screen for the technology to figure out where you need to go and plot an appropriate route. The new system will support multiple languages which include Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The new MMI will also use ‘anticipatory’ satellite navigation with night vision and so much more its mind boggling. Drivers will also be able to store phone numbers, music etc. onto the inbuilt memory. It will also have GPRS module to update owners with the latest of information from news to technology and download new data into the system for OTA upgrades. During 2010, the system will also be upgraded with a UMTS module which will enable Google Earth images to be beamed to the MMI monitor in 3D for navigation purposes. Eventually, full internet connection via UMTS will be possible, making the A8 a mobile WLAN hotspot. Aside from the technology the new A8 will also be constricted with the aluminium Audi Space Frame (ASF) skeleton to make it lighter, so faster. The A8 OTR prices from $91,255.22 to $110,380.51.


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