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Regin SuperSilent-i5 desktop PC, only 15dB

Posted by Dark Legion 12/07/2009

Regin Japan has introduced their most silent Desktop PC, called SuperSilent-i5. The most highlight of this desktop is ultra-quiet 15dB noise level, when the computer is on and working under normal operations. It can compare with 40dB in a typical house.

Regin SuperSilent-i5 is build on a MUGEN2 Rev .B CPU FAN, dedicated HDD Heat Sink and silencers, a SST-ST45NF SilverStone Power Supply 400W Fanless, and an Antec P182 chassis. These make Regin SuperSilent-i5 working in very quiet.

The Regin SuperSilent-i5 desktop PC is powered by an Intel Corei5 750 (LGA1156) processor, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM (PC10600, 2048MB x2, dual-channel support up to 16GB), a GIGABYTE Intel P55 chipset, 320GB Serial ATA HDD (7200rpm), and an ATI RADEON HD4670 GPU with 512MB memory.

Regin SuperSilent-i5 desktop PC also has brings DVD Super Multi Drive, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 x7, USB3.0 x2, Digital monitor video output (DVI) x1, analog monitor (D-Sub) x1, HDMI x1,

Its dimensions are 210×520x510 mm (WxHxD). Regin SuperSilent-i5 desktop PC is sold in Japan market with cost at 135980 Yen.


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