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Samsung’s getting to be quite popular with the ladies, thanks to the cool new Diva Collection that they plan to release on a yearly basis, with phones, especially designed to satisfy the ‘inner needs of a woman’. Besides just looking girly, the phones will also provide features that suit women and can be used by them to look prettier.

The 2010 edition of the collection is set to roll out with two models, the Diva S7070 and the Diva Folder S5150. Some of the cool features stuffed into the Diva include the ‘Beauty Effect’ and the ‘Lomo Effect’ that help beautify images clicked by the 3.2 megapixel camera, SMS notifications after updates are made on social networking sites, SOS Message service for security and a cool Wish List feature. The Diva Folder has a hidden LED screen that lies camouflaged in the glossy outer cover. It also provides all the features stuffed into the Diva. There’s also a lot more to offer that can help pamper the chicks till they’re fully satisfied, metaphorically speaking.

The Samsung Diva Collection 2010 will be launched sometime in January 2010 in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia and some other European nations as well as in Southeast Asia and China.


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