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Sony Snowflake DSC-TX1 is a winter camouflage

Posted by Dark Legion 12/02/2009 ,

Sony are disguising their cameras to suit the seasons, looks like. The DSC-TX1 has something more than the 10.2 megapixel sensor that will make customers do a double take. It’s got an outer body that looks like a typical winter scene. It’s rightly named the ‘Snowflake’ as well.
Mainly it is inspired by the pretty mosaic of snowflake patterns adorning the dorsal part of the camera. Other features include a 3 inch touch screen, 4x optical zoom, Carl Ziess lens, low-light photography support, 10fps burst mode and a cool 180 degree sweep panorama mode to shoot the frozen landscape.

Make sure that you don’t drop the Sony Snowflake DSC-TX1 in the ice else it will be hard to find it again. (Exaggeration). However, if you took this to be true you can also pick the pink and black versions instead of the silver one.


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