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Twitter shows off new mobile web interface

Posted by Dark Legion 12/05/2009

Twitter, as you might have heard, is massively, world-conqueringly popular. One thing that must really get on the company’s nerves, however, (apart form its inability to turn any serious profit from the thing) is that the vast majority of people who access it via mobile do so using third party apps.

To combat this, Twitter has just announced an updated look to its mobile web interface, in the hope that users will switch over to their mobile’s standard web browser to better view the site - and therefore stop paying for apps that offer no real advantage.

Twittermobile’s Leland Rechis said of the update: "It's got a great new look, and has some great new touches that will make your mobile experience on Twitter a bit more fun and a lot more helpful."

The update has been seen by only a selected few mobile users, but is set to roll out properly in the near future.


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