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There are three ways to end speaker wire clutter: go wireless, get a soundbar, or shun the ways of the surrounds entirely. The former option isn't for everyone, the latter simply won't do, and so Yamaha keeps pumping out endless new installments of its Digital Sound Projector line.

Latest is the YSP-5100, an update to the YSP-4100 that's all of two and a half months old, so new that Yamaha didn't even bother to do another studio shoot, just chopped in the same remote from the earlier press image. Natural, really, since the devices sport the same HD decoding abilities (like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD), the same suite of ins and outs, and the same 55W power rating. The only differences are a slightly greater width on the 5100 and what's claimed to be "dramatically" evolved sound, richer bass and clearer highs -- things you can't really verify from a press release. No word on price, but they should be shipping before the year is through.


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