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Party with iPod DJ Mixer

Posted by Dark Legion 9/23/2009

The present generation diffuses the idea of innovation on any aspect. It demonstrates the society’s desire for a positive transformation. But before we go further on ideologies, let’s take a step back on the field of music. As technology innovation touches on the music sphere, we can expect more evolution on our music genres.

With the emergence of DJ Mixer, you can enjoy exquisite music by combining songs from your player. Its works with an iPod which includes iPod Touch and Ipod Mini,1st, 2nd and 3rd generations of iPod Nano, as well as the 4th and 5th generations of iPod Classic. It is also compatible with Mp3 Players.

Having said that it is a Mixer, it boasts spin options such as flange and filter, 2 effects programs with reverb, and cross-fade slider. It also incorporates recording options, a microphone jack and a connection for speaker systems. The DJ Mixer is also geared with an AC adapter and a collapsible headphone. It also has a special feature for iPods wherein it can be charged simultaneously while connected with the DJ Mixer.

It is already out for grabs and can be purchased through Urban Outfitters for $120. It’s portable and best for house parties. Craving for some music twists? Technochasers, what genre combination is best to experiment on?


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