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Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt

Posted by Dark Legion 9/23/2009

 Now this is truly a cool gadget for the geek in you. Did you ever walk around the town with your laptop and wanted to check your email? Didn’t you want to know where you can find a good wireless connection in that area? Well, now you can and you do not need a special device for this. All you need is to wear this highly interesting Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt.

This t-shirt is meant for discovering wireless spots. As soon as wi-fi is detected you will see it just by looking at your t-shirt. The gadget is quite simple. You have glowing bars and they will immediately change as wireless signals appear. No more looking for the wireless spot sign. All you now have to do is walk around and look really cool at the same time. So, take your laptop, PDA or whatever, put on the Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt and you immediately get to see when you should turn on your gadgets.


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