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Scope Node Mouse - A Really Weird Mouse

Posted by Dark Legion 9/23/2009

We have sen a lot of weird mouse designs but this one does seem to be one of the weirdest. It is manufactured by Elecom and it comes with a manufacturer guarantee that says you would use it “like you’re holding a pen”. Well, that does seem strange enough but still, talking about the actual mouse, it is a laser based one with a sensor of 1600 DPI. What is different is the fact that

this sensor is not placed in the center. It is closer to the top part of the mouse, just as the tip is with a pen. This is why Elecom says it is more precise. While this is not really tested yet, we have to also mention the scroll wheel. As you can see it is really different and this might actually be clever due to placement. The only downside is that the mouse (real name Scope Node M-SN1UL) is just available in Japan. You can surely buy one online though.


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