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Transparent Phone - LG GD900

Posted by Dark Legion 9/23/2009

We recently got a chance to look at the new and upcoming LG GD900. It comes with a very interesting transparent keypad that adds a lot of style points to the overall design. We have never seen anything like this and if this catches on we will surely see more of it.

The LG GD900 has a thickness of just 13 mm and the keypad slides out and it is see through. This mobile phone simply looks very cool and keep in mind that this keypad will also glow in the dark. There is no mobile phone that is cooler than the LG GD900 at the moment in terms of design (well, that is just our personal opinion). This phone should appear in the second quarter of this year and basically all we know about it is that there are 2 cameras, HSDPA, might have a headphone jack and Dolby Music.


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