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Unique iPod Car Stereo - Fusion CA-IP500

Posted by Dark Legion 9/23/2009

There are a lot of car stereos available on the market that are friendly with your iPod. New stereos do include one or more ways in which you can attach your iPod to the device. The problem is that most connectivity options available are docks or cables that basically leave the player visible. Everyone that walks by would be tempted to steal it. Now we are faced with a solution from Fusion in the CA-IP500. The gadget is basically a car stereo that features a face that will flip down and reveal a special place for your iPod. You will put it in and it will not be visible. The Fusion CA-IP500 is compatible with both generations of iPod Touch, Generations 5, 6 and 7 of iPod Classic and Generations 2,3 and 4 of iPod Nano.

Other features of the Fusion CA-IP500 include:
security code
7 bands equalizer
SRS WOW sound shaping
OLED Display
iPod charges while docked
auxiliary in port

Probably the only real problem with the Fusion CA-IP500 is the price as you can buy it at around $350, which is quite a lot for a car stereo. On the other hand, it is very comfortable for your iPod.


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