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Android 2.0 has a lot more to offer

Posted by Dark Legion 10/20/2009 ,

Here’s a fantastic first glance of the Android 2.0 platform that’s still described as a ‘work in progress’. A short while back Boygeniusreport had a full fledged testing of a Motorola Sholes. This revealed the new features that we can expect from the new offering from Google.
Some of the features include a MS Exchange server, a common inbox that gives you a single view of emails from various email accounts (besides Google), all new ‘Maps’ with ‘Layers’ and multi-touch together with scores of customizable settings, social networking support (Facebook) and better control over emails with better performance.

Google has so far gone far enough to codename the new version ‘Éclair’, however there’s nothing other than this known. We will have to wait a while for more on this.


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