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Nokia 3720 Classic

Posted by Dark Legion 10/12/2009 ,

Billed as Nokia’s “most rugged mobile phone”, Nokia 3720 is getting ready to join the ranks of dust and water resistant phones. Nokia 3720 Classic is IP54 certified, meaning it’s dust and splash resistant. Although not as resilient as some phones such as the Sonim XP3 or the Samsung B2100, the Nokia 3720 Classic should survive most things you throw at it.

Nokia 3720 Classic is a smart looking mobile phone, it is at least much more “normal” looking than some other rugged phones. :)

This phone is good if you need to pick it up to call for help after having fallen into your bathtub but don’t count on making any phone calls or even sending text messages from underwater – this is because the radio waves may not reach deeper than a few inches below the surface.

A combination of stainless steel and leak-resistant panels give this phone a discrete air of toughness, rather than making it look like a brick. Anyway, I think the most obvious thing on this phone is the screw lock that keeps the battery compartment shut.


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