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Over five billion tweets made on Twitter

Posted by Dark Legion 10/20/2009, a service which analyses Twitter's traffic, has reported that over five billion tweets have been sent on Twitter.

 The fifth billionth tweet was sent last night according to CNET, with the lucky person proving to be Robin Sloane (@robinsloan) who tweeted to @sexysloan9912e the words "oh lord". Sloane has 1,642 followers and claims to be a "writer and web generalist. grew up in michigan. lived in florida. now, california."

 It seems the power of his 'pentagigatweet' has got the better of him however, with Sloane tweeting about five hours later that "The only thing more awesome than the creation of THE PENTAGIGATWEET is its destruction. So, on Tuesday night I will delete tweet 5x10^9...", "...thus releasing the power of THE NECROPENTAGIGATWEET. Horrifying details to come.

At this moment, over 15,800,000 more tweets have been sent since Sloane's simple two words.


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