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The Maemo OS that has earned a proud spot within the brain of Nokia’s new N900 handset won us over. After years of struggling to keep up with the crowd with the now archaic Symbian operating system, the powerful and more intuitive Maemo (as seen in the N900) was a real breath of fresh air.

Now, news out of the Nokia N900 meet up is that Nokia has confirmed plans to have every N-Series handset running on Maemo by 2012.

It’s big news for the company, as it not only means that future top end Nokia handset will have more of a fighting chance than the N97 did earlier this year, but also that it’ll be running a dual operating system-strategy for the first time. Whilst the higher-specced ‘N’ branded phones will benefit from Maemo, Nokia intends to maintain the Symbian system in its X and E-series handsets.

Unfortunately Nokia hasn’t released any official quotes, but shifting the entire N-series over to Maemo is a strategy that’s been on the cards for a while, so we’d stake our reputation on it happening… especially by 2012.


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